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December 13, 2010

This is (or will be) a list of ships my family members travelled on – mostly to get to Australia, but perhaps there will be other journeys.  Also in the list will be prison hulks – old ships used as floating prisons in England, for prisoners awaiting transportation.  Now that I’ve located some convicts I’ll have a few of those.  Passenger lists and other information, where located is linked.

Anna Dixon – The ship John Kirwan and his family travelled aboard when they moved from Perth/Fremantle Western Australia to Port Adelaide, South Australia in 1858.

Fortitude – The Prison Hulk that James Hammond was held aboard from his conviction on 13 March 1837 to 29 September 1837, before being transported to Van Diemen’s Land aboard Neptune.

Ganges – The ship William Wade (18 years) and his brother, Thomas Wade (20 years) sailed to Fremantle, Western Australia on.  The Ganges arrived in Fremantle 15 October 1841.

Harvest – The ship James Hammond may have boarded as crew for a whaling voyage, departing Hobart, Tasmania on 24 January 1846.

HimalayaThe ship Rosanna Lynch arrived in Australia (Victoria) on in September, 1840.

Lady Harewood – The ship James Ealden was transported to Australia on in 1831.  The Lady Harewood set sail from Sheerness, Kent, England on Sunday 17 October 1830, and arrived in Sydney NSW on 4 March 1831.  The Master was Richard W Stonehouse and the Surgeon was James McTernan.  The Lady Harewood carried 216 male convicts and no female convicts.

Neptune – (Neptune III (1)) The ship John Hammond was transported to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) aboard.  The Neptune set sail from Sheerness, Kent, England on 7 October 1837 and arrived in Van Diemen’s Land on 18 January 1838, a journey of 103 days.  There were 200 male convicts aboard when she set sail – 197 arrived at their destination.  W.J Ferris was the Master of the ship and Jos (Joseph) Steret was the Surgeon.

Retribution – The Prison Hulk that James Ealden was held aboard from 27 July 1830 to 11 October 1830, before being transported to NSW aboard the Lady Harewood.

Scindian – The ship John and Jane Kirwan and their five children sailed in.  John Kirwan was in charge of the Enrolled Pensioner Guards, sent out from England with the first shipload of convicts to the Swan River Colony, arriving on the 21st birthday of that Colony, on 1 June 1850.  A full list of those aboard is here.

Shamrock – The ship James Hammond boarded in Georgetown Tasmania on 15 October 1846 to travel to Port Phillip (Melbourne) Victoria (still NSW at that time).

Strathsfieldsay – The ship ‘James Hammond 2’ (ie not ‘my’ James Hammond) was transported to Van Diemen’s Land aboard.  It departed London, England on 2 August 1831 and arrived on 15 November 1831.

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