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More on the Lynch/Ealden mystery

December 16, 2010

Ok, after receiving the baptism certificate, I did a couple of searches.  One for births of a James Lynch – turned up a bunch of entries – a few of them multiple entries of the same birth (parish registers/civil registrations is my guess, although why there would be three for one person I’m not sure – but there was).  So that didn’t help – no way of knowing really if any of them are or are not ‘my’ James Lynch – except the only one old enough to be the father of a Mary Jane born in 1846 was the one with three entries, born 1821.  The other one/s were born in 1839 or later.

So then I did a marriage search for a James Lynch  from 1800 to  1860 in NSW. A few entries but none of them to anyone with a first name that could remotely be Rosanna/Rosina.

And then I did a births search from 1800 to 1860 father James.  And there were a large list of entries, but only one to a James and Rosanna (or anything like it) – which was the first one – my Mary Jane Lynch.

The one thing that ties this birth to ‘my’ Rosanna/Rosina Lynch/Ealden/Hammond is that she only had one child before Rosina.

Only one problem.  Marion was 39 when Rosina died in 1892.  Which means she was born 1852/53.  Hmmm  NOT in 1846.  Mary Jane would have been 46 in 1892.

Possibly not then.  hmmmm.

I think I ordered a death certificate for James Lynch at the same time as I ordered the birth cert.  To put this to bed, I will need it.  I will check my credit card records and see.


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