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On this day…. 29 December

December 29, 2010

On this day, 29 December 1890, Charles Egbert Harry wrote this letter to Jane Kirwan, who he would marry on 14 January 1891:

This letter was reprinted (photocopied from the original hand written letter) in a book written by E.G. Gartrell, Buffalo Passenger No 55 Henry Bacon.  I received my (signed) copy in 1996.  Gwen was a descendent of Henry Bacon, (pictured in the header on the far right and far left, with his wife Eliza Bishop) brother of my great-great grandmother Johanna Bacon.  The Henry Bacon who is the subject of the title of Gwen’s book is our common ancestor, along with his wife, Ann Batten.  I met Gwen while doing my family history research many years ago and she became a dear friend (and distant cousin).

Model Farm

December 29 1890

My dearest Janie

No doubt you will be surprised at getting this note so soon after the last, but Mother wishes me to write to let you know that all being well she will go down to Quorn on the Friday before the 14th & she would like you to come up on the same day, if you can, of course there will be a good bit to do there such as cooking &c. and she cannot do it all herself, she would like you there, they will get down before your train arrives so that Father will be able to meet you, but in case he does not you had better leave your luggage at the station & go down to my home & yours [underlined in original]. but he will almost sure to be there.  I was in Hawker today with a load of wheat.  I saw Henry he told me that Johnny had gone to Wilmington to the Sports so I expect you will see him there.  I should like to give you a surprise & go myself but as things are it is next to impossible, you must try dear to enjoy yourself in my absence & remember that not being there in body I will be in thought & heart, you must get Johnny to stop down till the wedding.  I am thinking of taking another run up to see the old man & try & make him let Em. com it will be a turnout without her dear old girl.  You said that your Uncle & Aunt were sorry I could not go down on Xmas but darling they were not half as sorry as I was I would give half I possess to see your dear self at this very moment.  I could tell you heaps of things that I must put off till we meet.  Father’s foot is right again he has been busy painting doors windows &c. all day he is steadily getting things a bit square.  There is to be races in Hawker on New Year Day but I don’t think I shall go I think I shall go to the Tea & Xmas tree which is to be held also.  I wish you could be there pet.  How about a wedding cake. have you got one made or shall I order one from the baker dear, how are you off for money don’t forget to say if you need any.  I have not heard from Charlie since he went down to Clare but I expect Em. has.  Will is talking of going down to Jamestown on Monday next he is alright.  People give me fits about the 14th it seems to be pretty well known.  As my news list is run out & I intend writing a few lines to Cousin Edie [underlined in original] as she will not write to me, I must close with never failing love.  A Happy New Year. I remain your truest love  Charlie[underlined with a little squiggly line in original]  I have finished a few lines to your cousin I don’t know  what she will think of me for doing it.  I have asked her to give me all particulars  of your dear self (fun) Charlie.

[in the top left corner of page 1] Since writing this I find that they have made me an Uncle again. Mrs Treloar has another daughter C.E.H.


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