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On this day… 14 January – a ‘double date’

January 14, 2011

Richard Kirwan

On this day, 14 January, my great-great grandparents, Richard Kirwan and Johanna Bacon were married in 1869, in Port Adelaide, South Australia, by the Rev. W. Hodge.  Twenty two years later, on 14 January 1891, their eldest daughter, Jane Kirwan married Charles Egbert Harry at Quorn in South Australia.  You can read a letter written to Jane by her fiance, Charlie on 29 December 1890, here.

Richard arrived in South Australia from Western Australia, where he arrived aboard Scindian with his parents and four siblings on 1 June 1850.  Richard’s father, John Kirwan was an Enrolled Pensioner Guard, who came to Western Australia with the first shipload of convicts, in charge of the Enrolled Pensioner Guards sent with them to guard them.  The whole family travelled to South Australia aboard Anna Dixon, arriving about 1858.

Kirwan Eatinghouse at Wilpena. Johanna is in the foreground.

Johanna Bacon was born on 12 December 1848 at South Rhine, South Australia.  Her parents, Henry (sometimes Henry Robert) Bacon and Ann Batten had both arrived in South Australia in the early days of the Colony, Henry aboard the Buffalo, the first ship to arrive, on 24 December 1836 and Ann arrived aboard Cleveland 18 December 1839.

Richard and Johanna had seven children.  Jane was their eldest child, born approximately 1871 in Blinman South Australia.  For some time before she died, Johanna went to live near her family, leaving Jane and her sister, Emma (the second of Richard and Johanna’s children) to look after the house and their five brothers.  The youngest, Arthur Ernest was a baby, and a sickly one.  He had a ‘hole in the heart’ and died when he was 16.

Johanna died on 5 December 1887, just over three years before Jane was married.  I wonder if Jane chose the date as a way of remembering her mother on her wedding day.

Jane and Charles Egbert Harry eventually lived in Franklin, in a house in Herbert Street.  When her brother Richard John ‘Jack’ Kirwan enlisted for the first World War in 1916, Jane became his next of kin, as their father, Richard, died while he was away, on 26 November 1916.  Although he died in Adelaide Hospital of epithelioma of the face (skin cancer), his address at the time was Herbert Street, Franklin.  Jane also had a son away at the war.  It appears her ‘caring’ duties towards her father and brothers never really ended.  She was still following up on matters concerning Jack’s war service well into the 1920s, when Jane was keeping a shop in Harris Street Exeter.

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  1. Allyson Luders permalink
    February 10, 2016 8:50 am

    Thank you for a very interesting read. I am distantly related. My direct ancestor was William BATTON, Ann BATTON’s brother. He married Charlotte Elliott and had a number of children. I have only just started researching this branch of the family tree and have found your site interesting.


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