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January 22, 2011

The Buffalo

The Buffalo


Buffalo – The Buffalo is the ship that Henry Bacon arrived in South Australia aboard on 24 December 1836.  The Buffalo was a 3 masted naval store ship, built in Calcutta in 1813 as the Hindoostan. It was commanded by Captain John Hindmarsh RN, Governor-elect of South Australia.  The ship’s doctor, Doctor James Jackson was assisted by FP Pascoe.

The Buffalo departed Portsmouth, England on 23 July 1836, carrying a total of 294 people – 176 passengers including 51 women and 52 children; 22 marines and a crew of 96.  The upper deck was taken up by the Governor’s livestock.  Two mules, loaded at Rio de Janeiro travelled in the ship’s boats.

Henry Bacon Senior

Henry Bacon Snr arr: SA on 'Buffalo'

The Buffalo was the South Australian equivalent of the the ‘first fleet’.  It arrived Port Lincoln 24 December, but the passengers did not disembark until 28 December, making the voyage a total of 158 days.

A replica of the Buffalo can be seen at Glenelg in South Australia.

Gwen Gartrell (Buffalo Passenger No 55 Henry Bacon by EG Gartrell, self-published 1996) records (unreferenced):

Before leaving the Buffalo the passengers witnessed a spectacle quite new to them.  All the hills and gullies as far as they could see were on fire,  and the reflection was so strong that they could see every rope, and the men walking about on the deck of HMS Cygnet which was about half a mile inshore of the Buffalo.

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