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Cossack Cemetery 1

February 8, 2011
The sign at the entrance to Cossack Cemetery, Cossack, Western Australia

The sign at the cemetery entrance

I visited Cossack, Western Australia, recently and took the opportunity to photograph the graves in the cemetery there.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the Japanese section of the cemetery, so the photos are only of the European section.  I did take at least one photo of every grave I could see.

I have larger versions of these photographs, some of them giving wider location context.  If you would like a copy of one of these, please comment and let me know.

I took a lot of photos, so I’ll be posting them a few at a time as a series.

This is a large sign in the cemetery listing the names and details of graves that have no markers due to shifting sand, cyclone damage and deterioration.  They are listed below so that they are searchable:

John Brown, died 1882 aged 23 years, Pearler.

Joseph Maurea, died 20 February 1882 aged 55 years, Boatman.

Edward Chapman, died 18 March 1884 aged 32 years, Pearler.

James Fredrick Ellery, 2 year old son of Elizabeth Ellery, Widow.

Alfred Morris, died March 1887 aged 49 years, Govt Engineer.

Claude B Ker, died 7 September 1888, Master Mariner.

James Ruben Beckett, died 3 November 1889, Master Mariner.

William Stuart, died 13 January 1890 aged 27 years, Mariner.

Mathew McCartney, died 22 November 1891 aged 26 years, Engineer.

Phoebe Green, died 19 February 1892 aged 49 years.

William Charles Harvey, died 24 January 1900 aged 32 years, Publican.

Dedicated to the memory of William Shakespeare Hall

Second son of Henry Edward Hall of Shakespeare Manor, Leicestershire, England

Born London 25th December 18 5

Died Cossack 11 February 1895.

Erected as a mark of appreciation and respect by the North West Pioneers.

He was a member of the F. Gregory Exploring Party 1861 – 62

And in 1863 on behalf of J Wellard, established Andover, the first station in the Roebourne District.

Also the remains of his wife Hannah Boyd Hall, born 10th May 1849, died 17th Oct. 1911,

His sons Henry Ernest born 7th Sept. 1869 died 6th June 19

Harold Aubrey born 20th May 1871 died 11 January 1963

William Shakespeare Jnr born 8th Sept. 1878 died 19th January 1879.

The Hall Family Grave

The Hall Family Grave


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