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Cossack Cemetery 3

February 20, 2011
The sign at the entrance to Cossack Cemetery, Cossack, Western Australia

The sign at the cemetery entrance

visited Cossack, Western Australia, recently and took the opportunity to photograph the graves in the cemetery there.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the Japanese section of the cemetery, so the photos are only of the European section.  I did take at least one photo of every grave I could see.

I have larger versions of these photographs, some of them giving wider location context.  If you would like a copy of one of these, please comment and let me know.

I took a lot of photos, so I’ll be posting them a few at a time as a series.

Unfortunately this headstone is somewhat obscured, as well as damaged.  Note the ceramic animals and ornaments at the base.

Laura May Peirl died 20th July 1897

Aged 10 years

You can see another photo of this grave here.

Laura was a daughter of Edward Peirl and Sarah Hughes.  Edward and Sarah were born in Perth in 1868 (1868/2818WA).  They had eight children:

  1. 1. Fanny b. 1871 (1871/13636WA) Bunbury WA; a Francis Mary (?Fanny) m Edward Houghton ANGELO in Fremantle in 1894 (1894/101WA) and Frances Mary Angelo died in Subiaco WA, 24 May, 1944 (1944/1050).  She is buried with her husband at Karrakatta Cemetery in Perth.

2. Mary Ann b. 1874 (1874/15594WA) in Perth WA; m. Frank Bateman WILSON in Cossack in 1894 (1894/305WA).  Frank and Mary Ann had six children (the first one born in Cossack). Mary Ann died in Fremantle on 25 August 1945 aged 71 years.  She is buried in Karrakatta Cemetery.

3. Amelia Emma b. 1876 (1876/17814WA) in Williams Bridge WA; m. George Worth Fry in Perth in 1900 (1900/1137WA).  George and Amelia had five children, the first one born in Roebourne WA (near Cossack).  Amelia died in Wellington WA in 1912 (1912/128WA).

4.Sarah Elizabeth b. 1879 (1879/20069WA) in Albany WA; m. Michael Mullumby in Port Hedland in 1908 (1908/1WA).  Sarah and Michael appear to have had four children, the last stillborn in 1925.  Sarah died in Perth on 10 July 1947 (1947/1416WA).  She is buried at Karrakatta Cemetery.

5. Edward b. 1884 (1884/25271WA) in Busselton WA. An Edward Arthur Peirl died in East Coolgardie Registration District in 1960 (1960/129WA) aged 76 years (and therefore the right age).  Edward Arthur Peirl married Daisy C. Humphreys in Beverley WA in 1925 (1925/65WA).

6. Laura May b. 1887 (1887/1432WA) in Cossack WA; Laura May died 20 July 1897 aged 10 years.  She is buried in Cossack Cemetery WA (above).

7. Frederick Patrick b. 1891 (1891/371WA) in Perth WA; m. Hanorah Mary Griffin in Perth WA in 1915 (1915/862WA). Hanorah died in North Perth on 19 October 1924 aged 35 years.  She is buried at Karrakatta.  Frederick married Edith Agnes Papchuck in 1931 (1931/779WA).  Edith died 23 July 1971 in Mt Lawley WA aged 78 years.  She is buried at Karrakatta. Frederick died in Mt Lawley 25 August 1991, aged 100 years.  He is also buried at Karrakatta.

8. Harold Francis b. 1895 (1895/371WA) in Cossack WA.  Harold died in South Perth 13 May 1956 aged 62 years.  He is also buried at Karrakatta.


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