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Post A Day 2011 review – February

March 1, 2011

I noted in my January review, that I had been very busy working, posting and sleeping, as well as sorting out my existing records and data, and hadn’t had much time for new research.  As I write this review, I realised that February has also been a busy month.

My great-great-great Grandmother, Mary Ann Malthouse - the handwritten notation says: Gran 18.6.09

I did get some time for new research this month, resulting in the discovery of my great-great-great grandmother’s date and place of death and the follow up post when I was able to purchase the certificate – right here in Western Australia (!) (something I’d been wanting to do since 1986) and the disturbing discoveries in the Crasher Kirwan story (see below).  I also discovered the Northern Territory coroners file and indexed the first hundred items here and here.  I hope to index the rest of the file in March.

I set myself some goals for February.  So let’s see whether I achieved them.  My goals for February were:

  1. A post a day (obviously) – I posted one post a day for every day of February, with two posts on 2 February and an additional page revision
  2. iFamily for LeopardScan all my existing certificates – Nope.  The collapse of my spreadsheet (it was a good idea at the time) led to the purchase of iFamily for Leopard, and since then I’ve been heavily preoccupied with filling in the blanks there.  What this has done though, is cause me to sort through all the digital documents I already have, and sort them out into a semblance of order, while examining them closely and recording the details.  Scanning the hard copy certificates will have to go onto the March list.
  3. Create a series of small 3-4 generation ‘family tree’ charts to add to posts – Nope – Again, the collapse of my spreadsheet and the sudden and unexpected attention I have been giving to ‘populating’ my new software has prevented me from doing this in February.  However, iFamily for Leopard has the capability to generate html charts, so doing it should be easier than it would have been, when I eventually get around to doing it.  Another one for March.
  4. Richard Frederick Kirwan

    Start following up a few of the loose ends I’ve uncovered during January – That’s what I was doing when my spreadsheet failed!  Seriously, though, I did follow up some of those loose ends – in particular the uncovering of the stories associated with my great-uncle, Richard Frederick ‘Crasher’ Kirwan.  One of the things I’d like to do with those series is add links to the later posts in the earlier ones for easier navigation – that’s something for the March list.  For the interested, the Crasher Kirwan story starts here, with updates here, here, here, and here.  This research came to a screaming halt when I discovered a family connection in the court story, and the likely existence of living children.  There is still more to write about my grandfather and his brother, that does not involve the  family members included in these stories, but goes some way to  explain the behaviour I have uncovered.  Perhaps I will write that at another time.  That might be something for April (my grandfather’s birthday) or August (Richard’s birthday).

  5. Enrolled Pensioner Guard Cottage at 1 Surrey Street Bassendean

    Get out and take some photos of historic buildings, houses my ancestors have lived in, cemeteries – that sort of thing – Basically it’s been too darn HOT.  I did return to the Enrolled Pensioner Guard cottage on the last Sunday of January, and the last Sunday of February, to no avail. I will call the Bassendean Historical Society and find out whether they are taking a summer break (I wouldn’t be surprised) or if the sign at the front of the cottage is out of date (also likely). The January trip to the cottage resulted in the visit to the Bassendean Railway Museum, and the follow up post from that visit.  The first 2nd class compartment 1880s trainBassendean Railway Museum post was my most viewed post in January, and the Bassendean Railway Museum post and the Enrolled Pensioner Guard cottage post have been my most popular posts since my blog started in November.  While at the Railway Museum, I bought the Proceed to Hawker book which I reviewed – another popular post.  I also had an opportunity to travel to Cossack and photograph some of the graves at the cemetery there.  The Cossack photos are here, here, here, here, and  here.  More Cossack Cemetery posts to come.

So I guess my goals for March are:

  1. A post a day.
  2. Scan my existing certificates and other hard copy documents.
  3. Create a series of 3-4 generation family tree charts to illustrate posts.
  4. Index the rest of the Northern Territory Coroner’s file.
  5. Get out and take some photos of historic buildings and other sites – weather permitting.
  6. Write some posts about the research I’ve been doing on my Northern Ireland ancestors.

That should keep me busy.

I’d like to thank the people who have been reading along and commenting here and there. Please keep commenting – it’s nice to know who’s reading out there.

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