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On this day… 13 March – Another Double Date

March 13, 2011

Rosina Hammond born: 27 February 1862

On this day, 13 March, my great-great-great grandparents, James Hammond and Rosina Lynch were married in 1858 in Collins Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

Twenty-eight years later, on 13 March 1886, their daughter, my great-great grandmother, Rosina Hammond married Frederick Greer Hanna ‘at the house of Mrs Hammond’ in Bay Street, Brighton, Victoria.

I have written about both couples in other posts, most recently here.  Rosina Lynch was a Bounty Passenger who came to Australia aboard the ‘Himalaya’ in 1840 (recorded as Rosanna Lynch), arriving on 30 September 1840, and within weeks on 16 November, 1840 she married Elijah Ealden (also as Rosanna Lynch).

Between her 1840 marriage to Elijah Ealden, and her marriage to James Hammond in 1858, Rosanna/Rosina had a daughter, Marion.  I have recently discovered that Marion went by the surname Philips (sometimes recorded as Phillips) and just as often, by Hammond, but always recorded her father’s name as John Philips (or Phillips).  I have not yet discovered who John Philips was, but Rosina was Rosina Ealden when she married James Hammond.  Their only daughter, also Rosina, was my great-great grandmother.

Rosina married Frederick Greer Hanna in her mother’s home, on her mother and father’s wedding anniversary, after her father’s death.  I have recorded the story of another family whose daughter married on her parents’ wedding anniversary, on the Kirwan branch of my family tree.

Rosina (Hammond) Hanna named her first child, my great grandmother, Marion, after her sister.   Rosina’s sister Marion Lawrence (her married name) witnessed Frederick Greer Hanna’s will before Frederick and Rosina left Brighton, Victoria, to travel to Western Australia, where they lived the rest of their lives.


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