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Letters to Frank…

April 20, 2011

I have a collection of letters that belonged to my Dad.  They were written to him by his grandmother and his great grandmother, mostly in the early 1950s.  It turns out my dad was curious about his family history when he was about 15 years old.

This is is the longest, and last in the series.

Wed night

51 Ward Street


Dear Frank & Alan

I do hope you will not mind sharing this note, though may be you will think it should be all for you Alan, as I owe you a letter.  What a lovely letter it was too – we all feel so proud of you after reading it – such a natural letter & so well written –  you surely have improved lots this year.  I am so glad – school days are all too short as you will realise as you grow older, so it behoves you to learn all you can while you can study at school.  Wasn’t it nice to hear of little Muriel Rourke gaining a scholarship – she must have worked so hard because she has been such a sick little girl for so long, & even  now has to be careful.  I did wish you could have both been with me last night – we went to the films in connection with the adult education.  You would have loved them all – lovely Australian scenes – bush & bird life – sheep & station life generally – ours is a truly wonderful country, isn’t it?  Then we saw the “Heard Island” pictures – remember the scientists who went from Australia (one was from Kalgoorlie, & he was there last night) for metirological research – the men were taken there & left – for 12 mths – Their ship was nearly wrecked getting there – such seas you never saw – they lost their sea plane, the first time of using – oh dear! it looked an awful place – 2,400 mls from F’mouth I think it was – But you should have seen the penguins – by the  thousands – seals too – the penguins were so lovely – they came in twos to watch the men land, following them backwards and forwards – then conferring together – they make such a wonderful sight seeing so many – their antics are so amusing too – And the huge seals too – all so harmless.  Then we saw how the policemen do their Guards in the English Country – they call on the villagers, who have a list of grivances for the police to unravel.  Thenw e saw “Ride ‘Em Cowboy” Rodeos in Cuba – bucking horses & bulls! such thrills –

Our “chummy” you would not know – he has been so ill – not eating, or drinking milk – just water – he is just a shadow of his great big self – seems more lively today – may be hie is on the mend. ‘Darkie’ is the same old grower [?] – he does look so nice, & is very spoilt. Nannie put ten eggs under a chook & she brought out ten chickens.  The clumsy thing squashed three, & Nan trod on one, so after all that we only have six left, & they are the livliest things – Well kids, hope you can read all this, & I do hope you have a lovely birthday Frank – you were a lucky boy, Alan – Hope you are both feeling sure of yourselves for the final terms’ work at school. good luck to you both.  Nan & I send our love to you both, also to the girls.



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