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Who are the people in the header?

From left to right, the photos used to make up my header are of:

1.  Eliza (nee Bishop) and Henry Bacon.  Eliza and Henry were married in Melrose, South Australia on 10 January 1875.  This photo may have been taken at around that time.  Henry was born 9 August 1852 at Woolundunga Station, near Mt Brown, South Australia and he died  in Narrogin South Australia.  Henry and Eliza had five children:

Frederick Charles Bacon, Ada Mary Bacon, Herbert Harry Bacon, Louisa Rebecca Bacon and Edith Alice Bacon.

Henry was a farmer, butcher and baker.

Henry was the brother of my great-great grandmother, Johanna (Bacon) Kirwan.  He helped his neice, Jane (Kirwan) Harry raise Johanna’s children when she became ill and then died.  Their father was either away or drinking and was often not around or available.

2.  Langford Hanna.  Langford (known to the family as ‘Lanx’ and recorded as sometimes called ‘Jack’ in his war service record) was born in Brighton, Victoria in 1892.  He served in the first World War and returned to Australia after being wounded at both Gallipoli and France.  Langford married after his return from the war, and moved to Katanning Western Australia, where he worked on the railways as a train driver.

Langford was a brother of my great grandmother, Marion (Hanna) Kirwan.

3.  Family Wedding 1968.  The bride and groom at this wedding were My Dad’s sister and her husband [living]. The wedding was held at Norseman on 30 November 1968.

The people in the photo are:

Back Row L-R: Bride’s sister[living], Bride’s sister [living], my Mum [living], Bride’s brother, my Dad Frank McLeod Kirwan, who also officiated at the service, Bride’s brother in law, Ronald Melmoth Jackson, Bride’s sister [living], Bride’s aunty, Kathleen A (Doyle) McLeod, unknown – was at wedding with Kathleen, possibly her friend.

Middle Row:  Bride’s brother [living].

Front Row L-R: my brother [living], Michelle Kirwan (that’s me!), Groom [living], Bride [living], [Bride’s mother] Alice Elizabeth (McLeod) Kirwan and Bride’s father, Frank Greer Kirwan.

4.  Marion (Hanna) Kirwan.  Marion was born in  North Brighton, Victoria, to parents Frederick Greer Hanna and Rosina (Hammond) on 30 December 1887.

Marion married Nicholas Wade Kirwan on 3 June 1907 at Leonora Mechanic’s Institute, Leonora, Western Australia.

Marion and Nicholas had two children – Frank Greer Kirwan (my grandfather) born in Sandstone Western Australia 27  April 1908; and Richard Frederick Kirwan born in Perth Western Australia on 10 August 1909.

Marion died of typhoid fever at the Perth Hospital on 20 December 1910 and was buried at Karrakatta Cemetery, Perth on 24 December 1910.

Her death and burial and newspaper death notices all record her as ‘Daisy Kirwan’, however members of her family I met in the early 1990s told me they had only ever heard her referred to as Marion.

5.  Henry Bacon and Eliza (Bishop) Bacon (see 1. above).  This is a photo of Henry and Eliza taken many years after the first photo.

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  1. Kay permalink
    October 10, 2012 12:34 pm

    Hi Michelle. I am looking for details and connections (mainly Byrne family) – Essie (Esther) Kirwan of Quorn was a Byrne- being my grandpa’s sister.
    Essie’s father was John Lacey Byrne, son of William and Bridget Byrne (from Wicklow, Ire.)who I think are buried in karrakatta cemetery. There seems a strong connection between the SAust Byrnes and Kirwans and Western Australia. All of Essies children are gone and now that I am older and inrterested in the ‘roots’ my sources are thin.
    Do you know anything of the life and connections of William and Bridget? or William’s parents Patrick and Catherine who came to SA 1852 but who possibly went across to WA?


    Kay Doherty (nee Byrne)

    • Michelle permalink*
      October 10, 2012 9:10 pm

      Hi Kay
      Thank you for commenting! Who was Essie (Byrne) Kirwan married to? I assume being from Quorn she was married to one of Edmund Kirwan and Ellen Lennon’s children?

      I don’t know anything of the Byrne family, but would be happy to share anything useful I have on the Kirwans and/or any other WA information you are having trouble tracking down.


      • Heather Minnis (nee Kirwan) permalink
        December 22, 2013 6:18 am

        I had an Aunty Essie Kirwan in Quorn, married to Charles Lionel Kirwan his Fathers name was Ed

      • Heather Minnis (nee Kirwan) permalink
        December 22, 2013 6:52 am

        HI michelle

        Iwould be very happy to exchange any information through E mails

  2. Lee-Anne Harley permalink
    May 12, 2014 6:25 am

    Hi Michelle, Richard Kirwan is my grandfather, I would love to know more about Richard and his brother Frank. My mothers name is Joan Margaret McCartney (Nee Kirwan)
    I am the 5th child of six children.
    Regards Lee-Anne Harley

  3. Kylie Monger permalink
    June 28, 2014 1:05 pm

    Hi Michelle. Henry bacon and Eliza were my great great grandparents

    • Kylie Monger permalink
      June 28, 2014 1:07 pm

      Also herbert Harry bacon who was married to Roberta were my great grandparents

      • Michelle permalink*
        June 28, 2014 1:51 pm

        Hi Kylie. Thanks for commenting! Great to “meet” you. I met Harry in narrogin once when I went to meet Bessie Bacon, back in about 1986.

    • Joy Smith permalink
      December 26, 2016 9:46 am

      Kylie I am interested in the Bacon Family as I have photos of them. Not related but wanted to find someone to give photos to. Fred and Jessie and Henry and Jessie.

  4. Petrea Pachen permalink
    July 27, 2015 3:48 pm

    Hi. I am Petrea and my grandmother was Ellen Elizabeth (Nell) McMahon (nee Kirwan). Her mother and father was Edmund. I remember an Aunty Essie who was married to Jack Kirwan (my grandmothers brother) – there were 10 in the family. I do have some details at home of family tree

    • Petrea Pachen permalink
      July 27, 2015 3:51 pm

      I made a mistake in my first post. i dont have my info on me so guessing. Jack was married to Margaret kirwan (Peterborough), Sid married to Olivia May (Girlie), Essie married to Charlie (Quorn), Olive married to Arthur (quorn) My grandmother was Nell married to Peter McMahon. I would love to go up to Wirrabara Forrest and Mount Brown. Does anyone have any info?

  5. Ian S permalink
    September 12, 2018 9:55 pm

    Hi Michelle… I came across your blog and apparent detailed family history archive here when I was searching for any online information about the one-time Member for Forrest, Frank McL Kirwan, who it seems from what I read here was your father. The reason for my interest is that I was a member of the ALP from my early teens in Bunbury in the late 1960s and was involved in the campaign which led to your Dad’s election in 1969, as well as the 1972 campaign which was so bittersweet because it brought the Whitlam government to power but was also the occasion of your Dad’s electoral defeat. I cannot say that I knew your Dad really well, because I was only a kid basically, but he knew me well enough, or at least he knew my parents who were heavily involved in the ALP in Bunbury, that he sent me a telegram in 1970 wishing me success in what was then called the Junior Examination, and also a personal reference in 1972 as I was leaving high school. (This second one very poignant as it was written just a few weeks before his defeat, when I know he would have been heavily involved in the campaign). I still have both of these documents and would be most happy to supply you with scanned copies if they would be of any interest for your family archives. (If not, that’s ok too, of course, hehe!) I do remember him as a very open, genuine and sincere man who did take an interest in a pimply teenager whenever I met him in person, which was not all that often; and I remember being saddened and disappointed by his defeat when the ALP generally was celebrating; and being even more saddened by his death just a few years later. Anyway, I have gone on far too long here, but please let me know if you would be interested in copies of those two documents… I could share them on Google Drive quite easily. Best regards, Ian Sheldrick

    • Michelle permalink*
      September 12, 2018 11:32 pm

      Hi Ian
      Thank you so much for commenting and telling me those wonderful details about my Dad. I was only 12 when he died, so I’m very touched to know that he sent you messages and wrote you a reference. I had a reference from Mal Bryce that I treasured and when i ran into Kim Beazley Jnr (then Opposition Leader i think), ten years or so ago, i said that my Dad used to work for his Dad and told him my name, he knew exactly who i was, asked about other family members by name and asked how my mum was going with her shop (a recent acquisition). I was amazed that with everything he had going on in his own life, and having had no contact with his family at all that i knew of, he had remembered not only my Dad, who he knew well enough, but also all of our family. I’m fairly sure i’d never met him in person, as he was away at Oxford when Dad was working in Mr Beazley’s office after he left Parliament. Are you still in Bunbury or in Perth? I would love to meet you for coffee and hear any stories of the campaigns you’d like to share. Being only 5-9 during his time in Parliament I have very limited memories. I can tell you about the time i bumped into Gough Whitlam’s knees in our hall way one night though 🙂 Thank you again for sharing your memories of my Dad – it means a lot. and i’d love to see your telegram and reference. I have a telegram he sent me from Canberra when i got something right at school. It said ‘Good girl. Love Dad’ 🙂 You’ve made my night. Thank you. Michelle

      • Ian S permalink
        September 13, 2018 6:46 am

        Hi again Michelle
        Thanks for your detailed reply and positive response to what I posted. I’m happy that my comments were helpful. You have some great memories of encounters with ALP luminaries, especially the one with Gough Whitlam’s knees, hehe! Whitlam must have visited Bunbury for one or maybe both campaigns… maybe the 1966 one as well, as I see that your Dad first stood unsuccessfully against Gordon Freeth at that election, though Freeth had not yet made his stuff-up comments about the Russians at that time. But I digress!
        Rather than continue here, I wonder if I might provide my email address so that we can communicate directly and especially that I might share the documents I have (just the two).
        I will send my address in a separate message which I would ask that you then please delete from here rather than leave published on your blog 🙂
        Catch you again soon! 🙂

  6. Ian S permalink
    September 18, 2018 8:46 pm

    Hi Michelle, I didn’t hear from you further so not sure if you are just busy or else on reflection are hesitant to pursue further contact, which I would fully understand. In any event, I would appreciate it if you could please delete my post containing my email address (the post prior to this one), since that appears to be posted publicly and I would prefer it not remain there ongoing. If you are simply very busy but do want to get hold of my documents, please let me know at your convenience of course. Best regards, Ian

    • Michelle permalink*
      September 18, 2018 9:38 pm

      Hi Ian
      I thought i replied (i wonder where i sent it – so much for manually entering an email address while on my iphone. I’ll try to resend. I’m sorry i didnt delete your post earlier, i’ve been pre-occupied with the death of a close friend. I really would welcome a chance to meet you.

      Kind regards

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