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Help wanted

Every now and then there is the inevitable ‘dead end’ where as much information has been gathered as is available (or so we think…)

Here are a few of my ‘dead ends’.  If you think you have missing pieces of my jigsaw, PLEASE let me know!

1.   George Jones – George’s birthday was always celebrated on 28 July. According to his marriage certificate, he was 34 years old 16 March 1895, (making his year of birth c. 1860) when he married Emily Bertha Eliza Peck in St Peter’s Church, Cook’s River Road, St Peters, NSW.  He gives his place of birth as Melbourne on his marriage certificate.

George’s death certificate gives his age as 88 years on 21 December 1946 (making his year of birth 1858) in Kalgoorlie Western australia.  His death certificate lists no parents names and gives his place of birth as ‘unknown, Tasmania’ and ‘Tasmania 50 years, Western Australia 38 years’ in answer to how long in the colonies, and which ones.

George was a horse trainer.  He certainly lived and worked around Sydney NSW during the period when he was married.

Emily Bertha Eliza Peck was a single mother of one daughter, registered without a known father in her mother’s maiden name.  This daughter, Alice, was my great grandmother and she was 11 when her mother married ‘Georgie’, as he was always affectionately known by the family.  Alice’s surname was changed to Jones after the marriage of her mother and George and he was always introduced as her father.

I have been unable to find a record of George’s birth that looks anywhere near accurate.  I suspect he may have changed his name, but if he didnt, George Jones is quite a common name, so hard to track.   George lists his parents as ‘William Jones and Ann Griffiths’ and gives his father’s occupation as ‘cabinet maker’ on his marriage certificate.

Here are some photos of George:

Emily Bertha Eliza (Peck) Jones, George Jones and Alice Jones

George Jones with Emily and Alice - possibly taken on George and Emily's wedding day

This photo shows Alice at about 11 or 12 years old, so could well have been taken at or around the time of the marriage of George Jones to Emily Bertha Eliza Peck on 16 March 1895.

George Jones with a racehorse and jockey.

George Jones (standing) with one of the racehorses he trained.


2.Ealden, Elijah. Elijah Ealden married Rosina Lynch 16 November 1840.  Rosina was recorded as ‘Rosannah’.  They were married in the Parish of St James, Melbourne, Victoria.  They had one child, Marion who was 39 years old when Rosina died in 1892.

Rosina/Rosanna/Rosannah Lynch appears to have arrived in Melbourne/Australia aboard ‘Himalaya‘ in September 1840, aged 20/21 years, and married Elijah in November of the same year.

On her marriage certificate with Elijah Ealden she is Rosannah Lynch.  On her marriage certificate with James Hammond, she is Rosina Ealden nee Lynch.

Rosina later married James Hammond on 13 March 1858 in Collins Street Melbourne.  At that time she gave her marital status as ‘widow’ and date of death of her previous husband as 10 July 1857.

On Rosina’s death certificate, it records two children – Marion from her first marriage (aged 39 years) and Rosina from her second marriage (30 years).  However it records her previous marriage as being to ‘John Phillips’.

All searches to date for an arrival, birth, death for either Elijah or Marion, child of Rosina’s first marriage have come up with nothing, or a marriage for Marion, with any of the three surnames – Ealden/Ealdon, Hammond or Phillips have come up with nothing as well.  The relationship between the two girls must have existed though, because Rosina Hammond, daughter of Rosina and James, named her first daughter Marion, presumably after her sister.

Rosina Lynch was my great-great-great grandmother.  You can read more about this brickwall here.

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  1. Willard S. Bacon permalink
    January 19, 2015 1:42 am

    Michelle, my three cousins, who are in England, and I have put together the chronicles of our Bacons of Somerset County. We start with Henry Bacon of Goathurst, getting married on 18 May 1579. We follow the line down to Isaac Bacon of Walton, whose sons among others, are Charles Bacon, our great great grandfather, and his brother Henry, who is in your line, who takes off for Australia. If you would like this information send me your email address. The chronicles are long and involved, but would take you all the way back to the start of record keeping in the church, and give you data on the stay behinds in Walton and Street up into the 1900’s. Will

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