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Ships List

The BuffaloThis is the masterlist of ships mentioned in my posts.  Included will be ships that members of my family travelled aboard to get to Australia, ships they travelled on for other journeys, other ships mentioned in my posts and recorded/linked in my tags and prison hulks that convict ancestors and others were accommodated in, awaiting transportation to Australia.  Each ship will eventually have it’s own detailed blog post.  The ones that appear as links will take you to those posts.

Anna Dixon – The ship John Kirwan and his family travelled aboard when they moved from Perth/Fremantle Western Australia to Port Adelaide, South Australia in 1858.

Ascanius (AT11 Ascanius) – The transport ship that Langford Hanna boarded in Fremantle, Western Australia with the 11th Battalion, A Company on 2 November 1914 to  travel to Egypt for the Gallipoli Landing.

Ballarat (HMAT  A70 Ballarat) – The transport ship Richard John “Jack” Kirwan boarded in Adelaide on 12 August 1916 with the 48th Batallion, 4th Reinforcement when he enlisted for WWI.

Buffalo The ship Henry Bacon Snr (sometimes Henry Robert Bacon, born: 6 May 1817, Walton, Somerset, England) travelled aboard to South Australia, arriving with Governor-elect Hindmarsh on the founding of the South Australian Colony.  The Buffalo arrived at Glenelg, SA on 24 December 1836.

Cleveland – The ship that Ann Batten arrived in Port Adelaide, South Australia aboard, on 18 December 1839.  Ann Batten married Henry Bacon Snr on 27 August 1840 in Adelaide South Australia.

Commissary – The ship that family stories indicate John Peck and Mary Ann Malthouse travelled aboard three times – to Australia, back to England and back again to Australia.  I have found evidence of at least one of these, when John and Mary Ann returned to Australia with their (by then) seven children.  This was the first arrival in Australia for their three eldest girls, Keziah ‘Kizzie’, Mary Jane ‘Jennie and Ann ‘Annie’ Peck.  The ship either left London, or arrived in New South Wales on 1 June 1871.

Empress of the Seas – The ship that John Peck and Mary Ann Malthouse and their two year old son John Malthouse Peck first arrived in Australia aboard, in Keppel Bay, Queensland on 24 September 1865.  Mary Ann would already have been pregnant with their fifth child, Margaret ‘Mary’ Peck who was born in Queensland in Nov/Dec 1865 and died in Middle River, New South Wales on 22 April 1857 from Diptheria.

Fortitude – The Prison Hulk that James Hammond was held aboard from his conviction on 13 March 1837 to 29 September 1837, before being transported to Van Diemen’s Land aboard Neptune. James Hammond may (or may not) be my great-great-great grandfather.

Ganges – The Ganges is the ship William Wade (18 years) and his brother, Thomas Wade (20 years) sailed aboard, to Fremantle, Western Australia on, arriving in Fremantle on 15 October 1841.

Harvest – The ship James Hammond may have boarded as crew for a whaling voyage, departing Hobart, Tasmania on 24 January 1846.

HimalayaThe ship Rosanna Lynch arrived in Australia (Victoria) on in September, 1840.

Lady Harewood – The ship James Ealden was transported to Australia on in 1831.

Neptune – (Neptune III (1)) The ship James Hammond was transported to Van Diemen’s Land (Tasmania) aboard.

Retribution – The Prison Hulk that James Ealden was held aboard from 27 July 1830 to 11 October 1830, before being transported to NSW aboard the Lady Harewood.

Scindian – The ship John and Jane Kirwan and their five children sailed in, arriving in Fremantle, Western Australia on 1 June 1850. The Scindian brought the first shipload of convicts to the Swan River Colony (Western Australia).  John Kirwan was an Enrolled Pensioner Guard.  A full list of those aboard is available here.

Shamrock – The ship James Hammond boarded in Georgetown, Tasmania on 15 October 1846 to travel to Port Phillip (Melbourne) Victoria (still NSW at that time).

Strathsfieldsay – The ship ‘James Hammond 2′ (ie not ‘my’ James Hammond) was transported to Van Dieman’s Land aboard.  It departed London, England on 2 August 1831 and arrived on 15 November 1831.

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  1. Ivan Hammond permalink
    September 9, 2013 6:02 pm

    do you know please about the screw ship Gazelle leaving launceston on 19th August 1852 bound for Melbourne with a Richard Hammond on her?? Regards, Ivan Hammond

    • Michelle permalink*
      September 11, 2013 6:19 am

      Hi Ivan No I don’t know anything about the Gazelle – but if I come across anything as I’m researching, I’ll let you know. Michelle

  2. Ivan Hammond permalink
    September 13, 2013 4:40 pm

    Hi – we have learnt that Richard was one of 6 steerage pax.on the Gazellein 1852. He died in the Inglewood Hospital nr. Bendigo on 5th March 1874 and is laid to rest in the cemetery there. Great news for our family tree! Regards, Ivan and Patricia (Hammond

  3. Michelle permalink*
    September 13, 2013 7:00 pm

    That’s great news! Thank you for the update 🙂

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